Well, 65 years have passed since Nick Dragich and his son, Peter bought a small fish market on the Redondo Pier, and called it Quality Seafood, (You can read all about our early days, and our roots here).  65 years ago there was no way to know that a small fish market would become not only one of the largest on the West Coast, but also a destination for friends and family, a landmark, and piece of so many peoples’ special occasions and celebrations.

It hasn’t always been smooth sailing, it was certainly tough when we lost our spots up on the original pier. We didn’t know where we would go, or if our customers would find us, but they did! Our customers became less interested in taking home fish to cook and more interested in having us do the cooking for them, so we adapted, and opened a kitchen. From there, things really took off!

Families and groups started coming down, enjoying the weather, the food, and the atmosphere. Pete Sr., became our resident “Ambassador of Good Will”, and if you visited us during the 80’s, 90’s and early 2000’s, you probably saw Pete. He’d be posted up out front, glass of wine in his hand, a smile for everyone, and good conversation for those who stopped to chat. Even today, people ask for him, he set the “vibe” for us, and he is missed.

What has endured however, is a legacy. Pete’s vision for Quality Seafood, and what it should be, handed down to his children, and his grandchildren, has become his legacy. That legacy is now Quality Seafood’s legacy, and we try to honor it every day.

Today, in this world of the “fast casual” dining trend, “super gourmet” everything, and culinary “one-upsmanship” at every new spot in town, Quality Seafood remains true to its core. The freshest seafood, prepared simply, but expertly, and an authentic waterfront dining experience that is truly unique (and definitely lacking pretense). That’s what we’ve built over the past 65 years, that is our legacy, and you can bet we’re darn proud of it!

Come on down and join us sometime, share some memories of the “Quality Time” you’ve spent here, maybe you remember the “Old Man”, maybe you remember when we were on the old pier? Or, maybe it’s your first visit, your first experience at QSF, let us know! We love showing people around and sharing our excitement.

Cheers! To everyone who’s been a part of our 65 years so far, and to everyone who plans on coming down to join us!

GM, Quality Seafood, Inc.

p.s. – Stay tuned for future news about our upcoming 65th Birthday Celebration!