The beauty and ease that is roasting a whole fish…

Take a walk through any grocery store and in the Meat Department you’ll always find an assortment of “Whole Roasters”, or “Whole Chickens” as we typically call them. On the flip-side, what you generally won’t see is a good selection of fresh “Whole Fish”. In the Fall and Winter, ovens and Crock Pots are loaded up with those whole chickens, which provide a savory and satisfying meal on cold nights. Well, cooking a whole fish can be just as easy and satisfying, yet a lot of people are intimidated by the thought of it. Why? Most people seem to be intimidated by the prep, you know, the cleaning and gutting. Unlike a whole chicken, where the work has been done for you, whole fish is often untouched when you buy it. For a lot of people cleaning a fish after a long day of work just doesn’t sound all that appealing. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

At Quality Seafood we scale, clean, gut and prep our whole fish at no extra charge. Obstacle #1 has just been eliminated. What else keeps people from cooking whole fish? Generally it just sounds challenging- but it’s really easy! The internet is full of super easy, tasty recipes for roasting a whole fish(we’ve provided some links below).

Come on down and pick out a beautiful, fresh and flavorful fish. Tell us how you want it prepped, our Fish Mongers will expertly prepare your fish. All you have to do is take it home and add it to your chosen recipe! Soooo easy, soooo tasty!


Quality Seafood