Quality Seafood’s “Snack Bar” area is where you can get even more of the good stuff. Like most things here at Quality Seafood, our Snack Bar and Kitchen look very simple. But, behind the counter is one of the hardest working kitchen crews there is, putting out some great, and in some cases very unique food. If you want award-winning Clam Chowder, this is the place to come. Our chowder recipe goes back more than 50 years, and is a closely guarded family recipe. For our Lobster Bisque we use a base from New England that our supplier only ships to LA for us. It’s the real deal. Our Fish Tacos are the best on The Boardwalk, as is our Fish and Chips. Other great stuff includes…

“Cassie’s Mussels”- A pound and a half of Black Mussels, with a zesty tomato based broth, chicken andouille sausage, and garlic bread.

“Shrimp and Veggie” Platters- Our basic Shrimp and Veggie platter comes with a pound and a half of easy-peel Shrimp, onions, potatoes, bell peppers, and tomatoes. It’s cooked in a savory Fajita style sauce and served with two slices of Garlic Bread. “Custom” Shrimp and Veggie Platter combinations are available at the Fish Counter.

“Lobster Clam-Bake For Two”- Two 1-1/4lb Eastern Lobsters, Littleneck Clams, Black Mussels, Corn, Red Potatoes, Chicken Andouille Sausage, and Old Bay Seasoning, served with butter on the side

“Seafood Paella”- A mix of Clams, Mussels, Head-on Shrimp, and chicken sausage, in a saffron based rice, with peas and spices.

What else can you find at our little Snack Bar?…Fried Fish, Fried Shrimp, Fried Calamari, Whole Fried Squid, Popcorn Shrimp, Fried Clams, Fried Oysters, Fresh Fish Nuggets, Boardwalk Lobster Roll, Chowder Fries, Clam Chowder Bread Bowl,  French Fries, Rice, Corn, Garlic Bread, Steamed Veggies, Chicken Tenders and Corn Dogs.