It’s what we’re known for, it’s our hallmark (it’s literally our logo!), we are truly a destination for Crab lovers around the world. If you’re from Maryland, Florida, Louisiana, Seattle, Northern California, or right here in Redondo Beach, and you grew up eating crab, this is the place to come. If you’re just a lover of great seafood and an authentic experience- nothing beats an afternoon spent cracking Crab with friends and family by the water. There’s no pretense, no silverware or white tablecloth, just a small wooden mallet, butter, and some newspaper. Crab is eaten slowly, over conversation, with loved ones (or new friends) and maybe a few beers. It’s been bringing people back to Quality Seafood for generations, because we do it right! The freshest Crab, casual atmosphere, waterfront dining, and great people. That’s “Quality Time”

The “Crab Pit” is Quality Seafood’s live crab and shellfish area. It’s the largest department here with the largest selection of live shellfish on the west coast.

We typically carry LIVE: Dungeness Crab, Santa Barbara Crab, Local Crab, Spider Crab, Blue Crab, New England Lobster and Local Spiny Lobster (seasonal). In addition, we also carry King Crab legs, Snow Crab clusters, Rock Crab claws, Dungeness Crab meat, cooked Dungeness Crab, cooked Lobster, Shrimp Scampi, Cajun Shrimp, and Squid.

We pick our Crab meat to order, so please call ahead.