Chinese Central Television Interview

Going international! World Famous! Last week we had a reporter from Chinese Central Television here to learn about seafood. This story has been Broadcasted several times! Check out the link Below for the video! WATCH THE CCTV INTERVIEW!

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Dungeness Crab

California's Dungeness Crab season is open! We just received our first shipment of tasty crab from beautiful Half Moon Bay, Ca, and there's more on the way! Up North the opening of Dungeness season is timed perfectly with the Thanksgiving holiday, as a result it's a tradition to have a little Crab on Turkey Day [...]

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Mother’s Day

Friends and fans of Quality Seafood, one of our absolute favorite special occasions of the year is Mother’s Day. It’s an opportunity to break out of our normal routine and show some real thanks and appreciation for the limitless love, tireless work and priceless wisdom that Moms fill our lives with. As a family owned [...]

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