Ever eaten sea urchin while it’s still moving? Ever been to a sushi restaurant and have seen uni, or sea urchin, on the menu? Ever wondered what it looks like before you eat it? I bet you’ve never seen live sea urchin on any menu before.

It’s a very unique taste, one that is either loved or hated. Many people describe it as a sweet taste of the very essence of ocean. Often times, processed, and frozen, sea urchin has a very strong flavor and smell that isn’t very attractive to the less adventurous eaters out there.

That being said… If you want to real-deal, then we have it for you! We get live sea urchin two or three times a week here at Quality Seafood from a diver who only sells to us. John, our fisherman, dives to the bottom of the kelp beds, plucks them off the sea floor one at a time, and puts them into a net to be hauled aboard.

Once you buy them, we’ll crack them open and clean them up for you. If you’re wondering what a live sea urchin looks like right before it’s going to be eaten, then here’s a video a customer of ours took before eating his:

Pretty wild huh!? And pretty cool, I must admit. Now don’t worry, the little guy doesn’t have a brain or nervous system, so he/she doesn’t feel a thing.

Quality Seafood is your choice for all your seafood needs, including hard to find stuff like live sea urchin!

Thank you Garick for the video!