The Sea Of Love
The ocean and the sea shore have long been a place where love and romance is born, accented or rekindled. The beauty, the ocean air, the sunsets and the sound of waves crashing sets a great stage for love and romance. Right in line with that, many of the foods people associate with love and romance also come from the ocean. Shrimp, Lobster, Oysters and Scallops have been a part of romantic dinners for centuries and if you look on any restaurant’s menu for this coming weekend I’m sure you’ll see most of these items are prominently featured. Well maybe you’d like to enjoy these fine foods with your Amour, but not necessarily in a crowded, over-booked fancy dining establishment. If you’re looking for a fun and relaxed time enjoying great seafood, or you want to make it yourself at home and just chill, we’ve got everything you need (and likely some things you didn’t know you needed).

Shrimp. We’ve got many types and sizes to choose from, but this week (starting Thursday) we’ve got 16-20ct, peeled and deveined Shrimp for just $5.87 a pound!  You can also substitute these shrimp for our regular shell-on shrimp in our Shrimp and Veggie Platter, which will be $28 ($23.75 with shell-on shrimp).

Lobster. The classic Valentine’s Day choice. We have live Eastern Lobster for $20.99/lb. You can take it to go or we can steam it for you! Pacific Spiny Lobster (my wife’s favorite) is available at $41.49/lb

Craving Crab? We’ve got live Dungeness at $16.49/lb, which of course you can eat here or take to go. We’re also expecting a huge delivery of our Local Rock Crab, which is a terrific Crab at about half the cost of Dungeness.


What would a romantic day (or night) be without oysters? We have over 20 types of fresh oysters, flown in from around the world. Grab some big Pacific Oysters, Blue Points, Fanny Bay, Cougar Creek, Stellar, or my favorite right now, Kumamoto oysters. Freshly shucked, or taken home to put on the grill, oysters are always a hit.
Something different and yet familiar? We’ll have a fresh shipment of Live Jumbo Eastern Rock Scallops. You have to see these things to believe it. Last week our first shipment sold out in just a couple of days. These are big, meaty and delicious Scallops that will definitely impress.

Finally… Feeling more adventurous? Perhaps it’s time to delve into some Uni! One of most popular items and noted by some for its “energy aura boost” (also said by some to be an aphrodisiac), maybe it’s time to find out for yourself? Fresh, live Uni is $12.99/lb
Enjoy yourselves, and the weather, hope to see you down here soon!
If you have any questions regarding price or availability don’t hesitate to call us at 310.372.6408