Friends and fans of Quality Seafood, one of our absolute favorite special occasions of the year is Mother’s Day. It’s an opportunity to break out of our normal routine and show some real thanks and appreciation for the limitless love, tireless work and priceless wisdom that Moms fill our lives with. As a family owned and operated business of 63 years, we couldn’t have made it without the support, strength and love of not just the tough-as-nails Dragich women, but also the many Moms that work here and help to support their families and loved ones. To each of them we say “Thank You!”
We know a lot of you out there want to take great care of the Moms in your lives this weekend, and fresh fish, crab, oysters or lobster may be just the way to do that. We spent the week getting ready and we’ve got some great stuff for you, whether you plan on eating here or taking something home for the perfect dinner or barbecue.
We tracked down some great fresh fish, perfect for your grill or if you like, steamed here at the market. We’ve got beautiful Swordfish @ $18.95 lb., fresh Sea Bass fillets @ $19.98 lb., Sashimi Grade Ahi Steaks @$18.95lb., fresh Sashimi Grade Salmon @$14.95 lb., Mexican Snapper @$8.95 lb., and Opa Steaks @$18.95 lb.   All of it fresh, all of it Quality!
We’ve got plenty of Crab too! Dungeness is still only $14.99 lb. (same price since the season opened), we’ve got Santa Barbara Crab, Local Crab and Blue Crab- all of it live, all of it fresh, and all of it Quality.
This weekend we’ve also put together a very special Ahi Poke recipe that we think you’ll love. Buttery Sashimi grade Ahi, seaweed and a kick of spice meld together for an absolutely perfect indulgence.
Well, as we said at the beginning of this post, we love Mother’s Day and we can’t wait to help make yours a special and memorable one. If you have any questions or need more info don’t hesitate to call (310) 372-6408  We’ll be open each day at 9:30am, closing at 9 on Sat, and 8 on Sun.

Jeff and the Quality Seafood Team