Sea urchin has been creating a lot of buzz around here lately. We can hardly keep them in our tanks because people have been coming from all over to get their hands on them. The yellow roe inside, which is what you eat, is like edible gold from the ocean. I mean look at the guy from Los Angeles above, he’s one happy customer. So, you may ask, why is sea urchin so special?

1. Our Sea Urchin is Alive

Live urchin is a much different experience than sushi sea urchin.  As The Sushi FAQ says, “Fresh uni taken directly from a living sea urchin will command the highest price (and is worth the experience as uni this fresh is noticeably different from uni that was processed 24 plus hours beforehand).” Eating live urchin is a much different experience. Just crack it open, clean it out, and enjoy. In live urchin, both the flavor and the texture are better.

2. Sea Urchin is Delicious

Describing the flavor of an urchin is very difficult. Imagine trying to describe the flavor of something to someone who’s never tasted anything like it. Tough, huh? Asking people what it tastes like provides us a clue, sort of. Most people say, “It tastes like the pure deep ocean,” or “It’s sweet deliciousness.” I know that doesn’t tell much about how it actually tastes, but people do agree it’s delicious.

3. Sea Urchin is Fun to Eat

Eating live urchin is dramatic. It’s cracked open for you and the spines are still moving about as you eat it. Yes, that’s right… it is STILL moving while you enjoy it. Don’t believe it, check this out. It may sound gross to you, but what other form of food can you eat while it’s still moving? Yes, it’s a little weird, we admit, but it’s also pretty darn cool! The urchin will actually move for over 30 minutes after it’s been opened. Also, expect this strange delicacy to be a conversation starter. People around you WILL ask you all sorts of questions about it, so be prepared to meet new people because of your urchin. Meeting new people is always fun, right?

So, next time you have the chance to try live sea urchin, you have to try it. You may love it. If you don’t, well then, at least you have a good story to tell. What has been your experience with sea urchin?